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I'm a +20 year veteran cycling coach for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team in Training (Head Coach, Monterey Bay / Santa Cruz Team Squid), League of American Bicyclists League Cycling Instructor (LCI) and +10 year tenured spin instructor.  I offer certified professional coach cycling services focused on building overall performance improvement.  My focus is primarily oriented towards the novice to intermediate level recreational cyclist who desires improving their riding confidence, bike handling skills, physical performance and mental preparedness. My approach is always positively reinforced with recognition and constructive feedback to empower individuals to keep going and raise the bar on their training efforts. Step by step training begins with safety reinforcement, then moves to demonstrations and hands on bike handling drills to build both confidence and skill.  Special attention will be given to specific skills or performance goals as dictated by the individual or the group client. From there, in the saddle and off the bike training focuses on physical and mental confidence building to enjoy the sport of cycling regardless of riding distance or terrain.


How It Works

What are your goals?

We'll begin with a conversation to determine your goals, assess your current physical cycling conditioning, review your bicycle compatibility to achieving your end goal and together map a progressive step-by-step plan to reach your objectives.



                       "PROVE YOU CAN DO MORE THAN EVER IMAGINED"                            

How It Works


"The cycling session with Coach Albert was awesome... skills, drills, hills!"

Christine M.

January, 2019

"You guided me, a Clydesdale, from a personal best 20 mile bike ride up to a century!"

Jack K.

June, 2019

"Albert is an amazing coach. Competent, considerate, passionate, direct, and no-nonsense in the best possible way. My time with him was productive, fun and EFFECTIVE! Novice to MS Waves to Wine 43-mile rider and $1,600+ fundraiser to boot in two months’ time. You want to cycle or cycle better? You need Albert."

Cathie R.

October, 2019

"Albert's cycling experience and knowledge make him a good coach for all levels of cyclists. But what really makes Albert a great coach is his results oriented approach and ability to break skills down into manageable components. Albert is meticulous and methodical in his planning and execution, and very transparent about these goals. He is as generous sharing his expertise and he is with positive reinforcement and humor. When I started private coaching with Albert, I was an apprehensive and inexperienced rider; I never learned how to ride a bike as a child and I carried with me, the negative experiences I had had. Albert first worked with me on bike safety and control; he later layered on specific skills, each time increasing my abilities and confidence. He pushed me out of my comfort zone--knowing full well I was developmentally ready for it even if I didn't--and I marveled afterwards at those small successes. After each session I knew more, could do more, felt way more confident, and knew what the next progression would be. Cycling has, for the first time ever, started to become fun for me and Albert has helped make this learning so much more accessible and enjoyable!"

Laila R.

October, 2019

"There are a lot of teachers and coaches out there--most with pretty impressive credentials. Albert has those, but he also has this compassion for people wanting to raise the bar for themselves--and especially for those at the beginning of the journey. He's a good guy who doesn't get tough until he's helped you reach that thrilling place where you want him to push you."

Jocko R.

October, 2019

"Albert is a patient coach with years of experience. Whether you are a beginner or rode for years, took a break and just need that extra nudge, he can offer great support!"

Mary H.

October, 2019

"Albert has an amazing wealth of knowledge. I took some spin classes with him, and I saw improvement In my road cycling within a month. He’s the best!!"

Sonia F.

October, 2019

"I have taken Albert’s skills clinic twice and I am so glad I did.  Not only were they on different bikes, but thinking I knew it all and that this would be a breeze on my new bike, this second time taught me you never know it all.  Boy, did I learn a lot.  Having moved to clipless from platform pedals really showed me that every time you get new gear, you need to re-learn, re-adjust and re-assess my true abilities.  I had clip-in fear, but now that is nearly gone.  I may think I’m Wonder Woman, but without keeping up the practice of technical skills, I’m just an “in-pain” person.  I’ll be back."

Jacque J.

August, 2020

"I'm a complete newbie to cycling and Albert's skills clinic was perfect for me. He has a great teaching style that is very easy going while also challenging each person, whether beginner or seasoned, to push themselves that little bit farther to improve their skills and confidence, and always with safety in mind. I recommend him highly to all!"

Julie J.

August, 2020

                                                                                  "FIND YOURSELF AND BE THAT"                                                                                       

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